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Building a future together that is greener and more sustainable


Electronics have made inroads into every aspect of our lives. While they make our lives easier and experiences delightful, they have an adverse impact on the environment. OEL encourages its customers to move towards Sustainable Electronics Product Consumption. Apart from sustainable electronics OEL also focuses on being an important part if “Circular Economy” and control e-waste crisis. The most complex waste stream – 50 million tonnes are created every year and being added to landfills.
At OEL we endeavour to make electronics sustainable by taking them through their full lifecycle, not just the End of Life or replace when the new upgrade is here.
OEL Electronics Refurbishment Services is one such sustainablity initiative that allows our customers to leverage our factories to refurbish there products and re-introduct into market and not only deliver customer delight but also reduce the load on already existing e-waste crisis.

OEL Electronics Refurbishment Services

Optiemus Electronics Refurbish Product Services provide our customers with a golden opportunity to contribute in controlling the behemoth e-waste crisis. Circular economy is gaining popularity as it encourages reuse of electronic products. Most non-functional electronic products, when taken through a meticulous refurbishing process become functional again.
We help our customers maximise their resources value by extending product lifespan through refurbishment.

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