Optiemus Electronics Ltd.


As the world is evolving, the demand for electronics is constantly surging. The larger the production, the bigger warehouses get. With our storage infrastructure serving as the backbone of our operations, right from efficiently managing inventory, components and various materials in the production process.

Our experts have streamlined material categorization system under A class, B class and C class category. We have set up specialized zone for hazardous materials along with Temperature & Humidity controlled warehouse, safeguarding the precious components. 

With the best industry practices, our method of bin systems, LIFO-FIFO systems, and ERP control management ensure that every aspect of our storage process is fine-tuned to perfection. Safety is our guiding principle, and we leave no room for compromise. With an advanced fire safety system in place, our materials and facilities are well protected.

Let’s delve into the components and considerations involved in the storage infrastructure with us. To know more, contact us.