Optiemus Electronics Ltd.

OEL Promise

Provide World Class EMS Facilities and Empower Electronics Brands to Achieve Their Business Goals

World Class Quality

We at OEL, are sensitive towards quality and this makes us the prime choice for electronics manufacturing at large scale. Our highly automated production lines, well trained and experienced engineers and stringent quality checks ensure that we live up to customers’ expectations.

Being TUV SUD ISO 9001 certified, quality assurance at each stage of manufacturing is given equal importance. Be it, Inward Quality Check (IQC), Process Quality Check (PQC) and Outward Quality Check (OQC). Our production lines have dedicated Critical to Quality (CTQ) stations that are capturing real time data for immediate decision making.

Honest Price

We truly believe in providing our customers the best price without compromising on the quality whatsoever. We are curious people. We are eager to try new things, innovate and all this with a purpose of how can we drive better customer experience and make our customers more successful. In the era where transparency and integrity are highly sought-after qualities, we set apart by offering a pricing model that prioritizes fairness and trust. Operational excellence is of paramount importance at OEL. It is only through this that we are able to give highly competitive cost of manufacturing.

In our engagements we work very closely with our customer’s teams to arrive at the right and most efficient manufacturing SoP.

On Time Delivery

At OEL, we understand that timely delivery is a critical factor in maintaining strong customer relationships. Thus we have implemented a robust supply chain management system that ensures timely delivery. Our experienced team meticulously plans and schedules each order. We have strong partnerships with reliable logistics providers and shipping companies ensure on-time delivery to our customers, fostering trust, and establishing ourselves as a reliable and customer-centric organization. We are committed to upholding our delivery promises and providing an exceptional experience for every customer we serve.

Real Time Data Transparency

We live in a highly digitalized and hyper connected era. Execution speed and all time availability of information is the key to success in these times. We at OEL, always strive to improve our customer experience by ensuring that they are updated about their respective manufacturing mandates that we have undertaken. We always strive to make sense of the data and innovate constantly to provide key business insights to our customers. Our customers really find this useful as this helps them to take information based decisions.

Excellent Customer Service

At OEL, we single mindedly focus on customer delight and customer success. Our dedicated account managers engage closely with diverse teams to ensure that the production projects stay true to our promises. We are determined to provide our customers with the finest experience and meet their expectations without compromise. Our commitment to product quality is steadfast, leaving no room for defects.

Trust us to deliver our promises and bring out the best for you. Join us and experience excellence first-hand.