Optiemus Electronics Ltd.

Our Manufacturing Facilities

 From quality to volume, we have covered it all for our customers. 


  • The first plant was opened at D-348, Sector 63, Noida.
  • Powered with a capacity of producing 1 million units per month, Unit-1 is a 75,000 Sq. Ft production area with 12 production lines.
  • Manufacturing Operations: FATP for Hearable & Wearable products.
  • Prioritizing stringent quality standards, we have established state-of-the-art Reliability Labs in our factory.
  • Factory Certifications: TUV SUV ISO 9001,  ISO 45001:2018, ISO 14001, ESD-S20.20


  • The second plant is at A-7, Sector 65, Noida.
  • This new facility is fully equipped with advanced Surface Mount Technology (SMT) lines, MI Production lines and FATP Production lines.
  • Capacity to manufacture up to 9 lakh units of high-end smartphones or  
  • 7 lakh smartphones & 1 lakh laptops and 1 lakh high-end telecom PCB (boards) monthly. 
  • 8 lakhs smartphones & 1 lakh laptops per month
  • Dedicated 15 manufacturing lines tailored to each product category.


  • Unit 3 at B-6, Sector 85, Noida will be incorporated by the end of 20’23.
  • With 24 production lines.
  • Future ready for Surface Mount Technology (SMT) , MI Production and FATP Electronic Manufacturing Services.