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Health, fitness, entertainment and gaming! Hearable & wearables continuously impact our lives by influencing our personal choices and habits. Complex, intricate functioning of microprocessors, batteries, smaller boards and batteries requires precision workmanship.  Future smart wearable technology will be powered by haptic types: grasp, wear and touch. OEL is one of the pioneers in this industry, continues to partner with large organisations and provide them with end-to-end manufacturing services.

Living in an age of ubiquitous connectivity, hearable and wearable devices are the gateway to the uncharted future. A world where technology meets fashion and convenience – the world of hearables and wearables. While smartphones have been at the epicentre of bringing a connected lifestyle together, the next frontier of interconnectedness is going to be driven by AI powered, hearable/ wearable products. These devices will continue to significantly change our lives.

Demand for AI powered hearable & wearable devices continues to increase as they influence our lifestyle at an individual level. For instance:

  • Health tracking and fitness
  • Heart health tracking
  • Hearing aid for especially abled
  • Learning aid for students

The increase in health awareness has led to a consequent rise in demand for fitness trackers and health-based wearables. The growing incomes and changing lifestyle patterns of individuals have contributed to this trend. Moreover, the wearables market is expected to experience lucrative growth opportunities due to technological advancements and innovations. The rising internet penetration is anticipated to bolster the market growth. In recent years, new product innovations such as smart glasses and smart clothing have also emerged in the wearables market.

The global wearable technology market was valued at USD 61.30 billion in 2022 and is expected to expand at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 14.6% from 2023 to 2030. The industry growth is driven by the increasing adoption of smart wearable technology products among consumers. Energy harvesting, i.e., running devices on solar power or converting body heat and movement into raw power, are foreseen to change the world of wearable technology. The influx of wearable devices like Google Glass and smart watches will open up new opportunities for marketing, including enhanced customer data collection and insights into user interaction.

As smart hearable and wearable devices continue to get loaded with more features to enhance our lives, their manufacturing process and quality checks become more complex and stringent respectively. The future is versatile and customers will demand more efficient and feature loaded devices. Hearable and wearable brands who are looking forward to make it big in this exciting future will constantly need state-of-the-art manufacturing partners like OEL who can help them to realize their promises to consumers. Equipped with the finest EMS infrastructure on board, coupled with trained manpower and a team with zeal to innovate, we strive to bring the best output for our customers. Right from manufacturing PCBS, parts, final assembly, strict quality checks, rigorous tests and final packaging OEL continues to play a significant role in your journey to success.

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