Optiemus Electronics Ltd.


OEL Electronic Manufacturing Services give you access to state-of-the-art manufacturing infrastructure, seasoned engineers, highly skilled workforce and seamlessly connected information systems.

it’s incredible to see how the concept of electronic manufacturing in India was once a rarity but now is already looking at advanced materials, printed electronics, organic electronics, advanced IC packaging, embedded systems, 3D printing and more.

With a wealth of experience spanning over several years, we bring a remarkable blend of innovation and expertise to the table. We deliver electronics manufacturing services that cater to diverse industries, be it telecommunications, IT Hardware, mobile devices or hearables & wearables. From ODM to FATP, we provide a one stop shop solution all in your homeland.  Our engineers meticulously work towards crafting all these services.

At OEL, we are steadfast in adopting the latest technologies, progressing and relentlessly attempting to create novel products for our customers.

Your success story awaits; let’s make magic together! Reach out to us today to unlock the limitless potential of your manufacturing endeavours.