Optiemus Electronics Ltd.


Neetesh Gupta


An Inspirational Leader

Mr. Neetesh Gupta, a visionary director at Optiemus Electronics Limited. He not only leads but shapes the future with a comprehensive grasp of technology, a global network, and a relentless pursuit of innovation.

Future-Forward Vision

Beyond the present, Mr. Gupta envisions India as a global electronics manufacturing hub. His goal is to position India as a premier destination in the manufacturing landscape.

Dynamic Explorer

Mr. Neetesh’s ability to adapt and explore new technologies is a hallmark of his leadership. In a rapidly evolving industry, his commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation makes him a guide for continuous growth.

Ashoek Gupta


Guiding Beacon of Optiemus Group

Mr. Ashoek Kumar Gupta, a trailblazing first-gen entrepreneur with a remarkable 38-year journey in the mobile industry. Rising from modest beginnings, his passion and vision have etched a prominent space for him.

Innovator & Pioneer

Mr. Gupta’s legacy includes groundbreaking achievements – from selling India’s first official mobile phone in 1995 to spearheading Nokia’s dominant market share in Delhi (1996-2006). His foresight has been the cornerstone of Optiemus group’s success.

The Future is in India

Mr. Gupta firmly believes that the future is in India. He envisions making India the global leader in electronics manufacturing and showcasing the country’s prowess on the international stage.

A. Gururaj

Managing Director

A Trailblazer in Technology & Leadership

An alumnus of IIT Delhi and Masters from the University of Texas, Mr. A. Gururaj is a visionary leader whose expertise has left an indelible mark on the technology and manufacturing landscape.

Government Advisor

Currently serving as an Advisor to the Central government and multiple state governments, Mr. Gururaj brings his expertise to the forefront of policy and strategy.

Diverse Leadership Roles

Mr. Gururaj has seamlessly navigated diverse leadership roles, showcasing strategic brilliance across industries. From shaping initiatives at Reliance Communications to leaving a technological imprint as Director & General Manager at Flextronics Technologies in Chennai, his journey has been marked by impactful roles.

M.S. Suyambu

Sr. Vice President

Quality Assurance Leader

Mr. Suyambu excels in Quality Improvement through Process Failure Control, Failure Root Cause Analysis (RCA), ensuring Overall Customer Satisfaction.

Centre of Excellence

Mr. Suyambu has built a Centre of Excellence (CoE) to foster in-house technical capabilities and develop skilled resources.

Manufacturing Specialist

Renowned for setting up state-of-the-art Factories and diverse production lines including SMT (MLB / SMA), DIP, PTH, and Final Assembly (FATP) Lines. His expertise extends to designing factory layouts, building infrastructure, and executing New Product Introductions (NPI).