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Our Purpose - Why We Exist

To create the best and cost-optimized products and solutions that enrich the lives of everyone on this planet.


We empower quality and cost-optimised smart products and solutions to help our customers compete and succeed in a dynamic world. We are working to shape the future of Electronic Manufacturing in India by creating unprecedented value for customers, employees, and ecosystem partners.

Our Vision

We are on a journey to be a trusted and most valued electronic manufacturer in the country. We are helping empower a smart future for everyone.

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Years Of Experience

Our Divisions

Diversified Technology, Focused Products

Driven by the purpose to create a niche for itself in the field of electronics manufacturing, Optiemus Electronics Ltd. has gone above and beyond to create an array of services, products, and key functional areas that cater to product requirements.

Smart Phones

Being a stimulant in the communication industry, we at OEL are always thinking...

Tablets & Laptops

Straying not too far away from the purpose that drives OEL...

Wearables & Hearables

Smart wearables & hearables are the latest wave of innovationL…

IOT Devices

IOT or more popularly known as Internet of All Things is a network of physical...

Telecom, Networking & Communications

With the digital revolution that has altered all barriers ...

Electric Vehicles

The field of medicine has so far witnessed the most rapid growth in technology which has …

Retail Technology Solutions

A smooth and seamless customer service has become key ...

IT Products

OEL has also managed to craft flagship in the category of IT Products through develop...

Our Clients


Area of expertise

Being a catalyst of technology and with advanced real-time Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Optiemus Electronics Limited has set itself apart by driving innovation in the world of Electronic Manufacturing and electronics. Spanning over an array of services, OEL nurtures the requirement of its clients by valuing them foremost and has created a niche for all activities it does.

Electronic Manufacturing Services

OEL is equipped with 3D solder paste inspection, two highspeed Siemens...

High Volume Assembly

Our manufacturing facility is equipped with 3D solder paste inspection,..

Hi-Tech Assembly

We discovered a new style to assemble just a few boards in a few days or less–creating...

Qualification Certification Regulatory

With the rise in security threat occurrences and an increased need ...

Global Supply Chain Management

Driven by the purpose of delivering everything customers’ every big-little need, Optiemus...

New Product Introduction

At OEL, we support the product from design to prototype. From new Product Introduction...


To check whether the product is working correctly or not and meeting the requirements...

Repair & Refurbishment

From an array of impeccable services offered by OEL, our Repair and Refurbishment...

OEL Incubation Programme

OEL always try to produce something new & unique every-time OEL came across a new concept or idea. From Conceptualization to Final Product, OEL process everything in between & put its level best to deliver the end results.

Environment Sustainability

OEL follow the principle of Environmental sustainability by conserving natural resources & protecting global ecosystems to support health & wellbeing, now and in the future as well. OEL make sure that none of our activity causes harm to environment.

Diversity and Inclusion

OEL is committed to fostering & promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion by providing ample opportunities at inclusive workplaces everywhere its work. OEL want our teams to be as diverse as the world itself and contribute to creating associations where everyone belongs, feels protected, and valued.

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