Optiemus Electronics Ltd.


With technology progressing at an accelerated pace, every production stage needs to be automated and seamlessly integrated. Our SMT infrastructure, deployed with world-class SMT machines manufactures PCBs with real time data inputs & minimal human intervention.

We have deployed the latest cutting-edging SMT technology like Laser marking, automated PCB printing process, X-Ray inspection, Automated cleaning stencils, Reflow ovens, and many more.

With an impressive array of four highly automated SMT lines, each spanning 30 meters, our capabilities have soared to unprecedented heights. This setup allows us to deliver 900,000 units per month, paving us a path to even greater production accomplishments.

As the world of electronics continues to evolve, our dedication to innovation and automation propels us forward. The future is bright, and we are ready to take on new challenges and excel in the realm of PCB production.