Optiemus Electronics Ltd.


OEL Final Assembly, Testing and Packaging services are of world class standard. Testing at multiple stages and paying attention towards the result makes us one of the most sort after FATP services provider.

It all starts from the first stage, manufacturing, where the PCBs are manufactured under the aid of the finest SMT technology in our premises. Imported and the in-house manufactured parts are all assembled to put together our fine finished goods. Our team of dedicated, highly skilled professionals perform each step with utmost diligence to bring out the best for our customers. These devices then pass through the second stage, Testing. This process ensures the goods assembled meet the set standards and are flashed with customer software.

Finally, this process ends with the products being placed into a box for shipping. With various automated machines and skilled personnel, we perform the FATP procedure in our premises catering to our customers’ demands.

Enabling a smooth and rapid path from product design to commercial product delivery, we have it all for you. To know further, contact us!