Optiemus Electronics Ltd.

Our Infrastructure

OEL has state-of-the-art Electronics Manufacturing Infrastructure. From quality to volume, we have covered it all for our customers. Our team works tirelessly to bring production mandates sooner to mass production level. Our highly automated processes and infrastructure play a significant role.


Highly automated SMT lines with production capacity of 900,000 units per month. OEL SMT lines are powered by state-of-the-art industrial production machines that require minimal human intervention.


OEL has specialized zones for storing Class A, B, C category materials. The zones are temperature and humidity controlled so that precious components can be stored as per required customized standards


Latest Manual Insertion (MI) infrastructure with a production capacity of 600,000 units per month. Highly skilled workforce that efficiently runs wave soldering, selective soldering and press fit machines.


OEL has exclusive reliability labs set up for carrying out specific tests. A series of tests ranging from Environmental testing, Safety, Decorative, Transportation, Electrical, Acoustic and Mechanical testing are all performed in our reliability labs leaving no aspect unchecked.


OEL has the finest FATP infrastructure with modern FATP lines, State-of-the-art MES, TRC Area and a dedicated CTQ. Be it Final assembling, testing or packaging, OEL has distinct FATP production lines