Optiemus Electronics Ltd.


We are at the forefront of Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS). Our commitment to precision is embodied in our Surface Mounting Technology (SMT), that has maintained an undisputed leadership position. Our SMT machines stand out with ‘World-First’ and ‘Industry-First’ technologies, delivering an unparalleled quality, durable, and reliable products.

Optimized Production Cost: We provide unparalleled efficiency and cost-effectiveness with our SMT services.

Consistent Accuracy: Our machines deliver sustained accuracy over extended periods, enabling consistent high-quality results.

Minimal Defect Rate: With advance 3D inspection technology our SMT services achieve the lowest defect rate, minimizing disruptions in production processes.

Our cutting-edge placement machines provide precision and quality beyond expectations by redefining accuracy for both chips and fine-pitch components.

To ensure absolute precision our machines are equipped with an advanced 3D solder paste inspection system, that inspects critical parameters such as dimension, rotation, offset, upside down and much more. Our reflow oven is designed to optimize thermal control and ensuring a lower Delta T for superior and consistent high quality and features like vision processing for part recognition makes our machine leads the industry with the latest and most advanced technology.

We provide versatility across industries, our SMT is designed to cater various production needs, our machines offer unparalleled flexibility, serving users across diverse sectors, including EMS, automotive, and more.

We are not just delivering unparalleled SMT services that exceeds expectations. We are manufacturing electronics for today and tomorrow. Count on us as your trusted partner for a broad spectrum of electronic manufacturing requirements.