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Govt. Restricts Imports on Items Under HSN 8471, a boost to indigenous electronics manufacturing industry.

Amendment to Import Policy for Items Under HSN-8471 may dampen the market sentiment but in longer run it benefits the Indian electronics industry. 

This is yet another step in the right direction as it demonstrates the government’s serious efforts being made to realise the prime minister’s vision of Atama-Nirabhar Bharat. This step will accelerate the adoption of local electronics manufacturing infrastructure and also strengthen it in the longer run. With local manufacturing at the epicenter, the amendment to import policy encourages the companies to apply for its $2 billion manufacturing incentive scheme for IT hardware manufacturing including laptops, tablets, personal computers and servers.

At OEL we are already manufacturing laptops for global and well-known brands. I am of the view that restriction to import under HSB-8741 is a timely move. It will provide the required boost to the manufacturing sector for IT hardware and will encourage top personal-compute devices brands to re-look at Indian Electronics Manufacturing industry.


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